Themes on a Variation

is the title of a collection published in 1988 by Carcanet Press, Manchester. Next to 28 new poems there are complete reprints of Newspoems (1965-1971) - arranged in EM's preferred order (compare: Newspoems) - as well as From the Video Box (1986) and Sonnets from Scotland (1984).


The Dowser (1986)
Variations on Omar Khayyám (1984)
Stanzas (1986)
The Room (1985)
Dear man, my love goes out in waves (1987)
Waking on a Dark Morning (1986)
The Gurney (1986)
The Bench (1985)
Nineteen Kinds of Barley (1984)
A Trace of Wings (1985)
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (1982)
A Bobbed Sonnet for Code Cobber (1986)
The Computer's First Birthday Card (1966)
Byron at Sixty-Five (1985)
Shakespeare: a Reconstruction (1986)
To the Queen: a Reconstruction (1987)
Chillon: a Reconstruction (1987)
True Ease in Writing: a Reconstruction (1987)
On Time: a Reconstruction (1987)
Not Marble: a Reconstruction (1987)
Halley's Comet (1985)
The Gorbals Mosque (1984)
Rules for Dwarf-Throwing (1986)
The Bear (1987)
Save the Whale Ball (1981)
Dom Raja (1986)
The Change (1987)
Vereshchagin's Barrow (1982)

Newspoems (1965-1971)

Holy Flying Saucer Satori
The Computer's First Translation
Cain Said
Notice in Hell
Notice in Heaven
The Commonest Kind
Sick Man
Joe's Bar
Early Days for Dr Moreau
In Mid-Trepan
Charon's Song
Revolt of the Elements
Revolt of the Objects
Apple Girl
O for a Life of Sensations
Beckford Heard a Voice Saying
Forgetful Duck
Said the Pigeon
Pigeons: Elizabethan
Car Goes Ape
Möbius's Bed
Come In Old Cock
Caedmon's Second Hymn
New English Riddles: 1
New English Riddles: 2
Ballad 13
Talk About Camp
Scotland Enters the Common Market
Advice to a Corkscrew
An Unpublished Poem by Zukofsky
Unpublished Poems by Creeley: 1
Unpublished Poems by Creeley: 2
Unpublished Poems by Creeley: 3
Unpublished Poems by Creeley: 4
Unpublished Poems by Creeley: 5
Unpublished Poems by Creeley: 6
Concrete Ballad of Reading Gaol
Visual Soundpoem
Found Concrete Poem: The Enactment
In Silhouette

From the Video Box (1986)

Sonnets from Scotland (1984)

In Argyll
The Ring of Brodgar
Silva Caledonia
Pilate at Fortingall
The Mirror
The Picts
Colloquy in Glaschu
Matthew Paris
At Stirling Castle, 1507
Thomas Young, M.A. (St Andrews)
Lady Grange on St Kilda
Theory of the Earth
Poe in Glasgow
De Quincey in Glasgow
Peter Guthrie Tait, Topologist
G.M. Hopkins in Glasgow
The Ticket
North Africa
Caledonian Antisyzygy
Travellers (1)
Travellers (2)
Seferis on Eigg
Matt McGinn
After a Death
Not the Burrell Collection
A Place of Many Waters
The Poet in the City
The Norn (1)
The Norn (2)
The Target
After Fallout
The Age of Heracleum
Computer Error: Neutron Strike
Inward Bound
The Desert
The Coin
The Solway Canal
A Scottish Japanese Print
Outward Bound
On Jupiter
A Golden Age
The Summons



For reprints of Newspoems, From the Video Box, and Sonnets from Scotland click on each of the titles.

All other poems were reprinted in:

Collected Poems, Manchester: Carcanet Press, 1990, pp. 503-538.

The Dowser, 'Dear man…', and Rules for Dwarf-Throwing were reprinted in:

New Selected Poems, Manchester: Carcanet Press, 2000, pp. 156-158.


You can read the poem The Dowser, if you click here!




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