Poems by Content, Topic or Form

The categories listed below should be seen as mere examples, some of which, e.g. Glasgow, Love, Voices, Space, Experimental, you will find discussed in detail in:

Thomson, Geddes, The Poetry of Edwin Morgan, Aberdeen: Association for Scottish Literary Studies, 1986.

Poems having to do with Glasgow, for instance, or with Science Fiction, will form their own group. So basically these groups are intersections of original collections and/or sequences.

Even though classifying Edwin Morgan's poems into categories may be misleading because it potentially limits the way you read and understand the poems by suggesting a ready-made interpretation, it offers you one way of approaching his poetry; but readers should bear in mind G. Thomson's warning that "the placing of poems into categories by content or technique is essentially artificial".

There surely are other categories you could find working with EM's poetry. Also, the poems mentioned in each category are not the only representatives of this category; however, it cannot be the purpose of this page to list as many poems as possible. Additionally some poems may well fit into two or even more categories; nonetheless they will only be listed once.

So feel free to form your own categories and fill them with poems, maybe you'd even like to share your thoughts and publish your essay/idea on this website, or you've got some suggestions to make towards the improvement of this page? Then you're very welcome to send an e-mail.

Whenever possible or suitable (see Glasgow), there are photographs to give you an idea of the place EM wrote about.

Sufficient bibliographical information will be provided for all poems mentioned, so you shouldn't have any problems finding them; most poems are included in Collected Poems, Manchester: Carcanet Press, 1990, which is still available directly at Carcanet Press Ltd., or in any bookshop or online bookshop.


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