Original Titles of Collections
or Titles of Sequences

The following list provides you with collections and sequences of poems put in chronological order. Within each link you find bibliographical notes for further reading, a complete list of contents, information on reprints, availability of the collection/sequence, and - in some cases - there is short additional information on the edition, the history of publication, the genesis of the sequence or collection, etc.

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Dies Irae (1952)
The Vision of Cathkin Braes (1952)
The Cape of Good Hope (1955)
Starryveldt (1965)
Emergent Poems (1967)
Gnomes (1968)
The Second Life (1968)
The Horseman's Word (1970)
Twelve Songs (1970)
Glasgow Sonnets (1972)
Instamatic Poems (1972)
From Glasgow to Saturn (1973)
The New Divan (1977)
Star Gate: Science Fiction Poems (1979)
Poems of Thirty Years (1982)
Grafts/Takes (1983)
Sonnets from Scotland (1984)
Selected Poems (1985)
From the Video Box (1986)
Newspoems (1987)
Tales from Limerick Zoo (1988)
Themes on a Variation (1988)
Collected Poems (1990)
Hold Hands Among the Atoms (1991)
Sweeping out the Dark (1994)
Virtual and Other Realities (1997)
Demon (1999)
New Selected Poems (2000)



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