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The Macaw

A singing macaw called Novello
Kept calling his blue feathers yellow.
'No, I'm not colour-blind,
For it's all in the mind,
Like the deep green voice of my cello.'



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This Limerick was quoted from Tales from Limerick Zoo, Glasgow: Mariscat Press, Nov. 1988 (with illustrations by David Neilson), in a limited edition of 350 copies; the pages are unnumbered.
In this book animals from A (as in Amoeba) to Z (as in Zebu) get their own Limerick!

Unfortunately Tales from Limerick Zoo is out of print by now, but maybe you can persuade the publisher to reprint it? - Here is the address:

Mariscat Press
10 Bell Place
Edinburgh EH3 5HT


The copyright of the poem recited remains with Edwin Morgan and Mariscat Press; it may not be copied or distributed without the express permission of both, the author and the publisher.





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