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O to be an angel
Do whatever you're told
Preen each other's wingtips
Grin your set of gold

I'd rather be a demon
Ploughing through the glaur
Whistling to my fellows
What against is for

Against is not for nothing
Against is drive a nail
Against is draw a crown down
Fill a quaich with hail

So hail to all high water
The maelstrom and the pit
You'll never hear a harpstring
If we can smuggle it

Away from the high heavens
And tease it out to bind
Every gasping evangelist
Right out of his mind

For we are merry dancers
Through curtains of the dark
Feel us hear us fear us
When the dark begins to spark!


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The Demon Sings was quoted from the sequence:

Demon, Glasgow: Mariscat Press, 1999, p. 12.

You can read more poems on the Demon since the sequence Demon is still available directly at Mariscat Press, Glasgow, and in any bookshop or online bookshop. Here is the address:

Mariscat Press
10 Bell Place
Edinburgh EH3 5HT


The copyright of the poem recited remains with Edwin Morgan and Mariscat Press; it may not be copied or distributed without the express permission of both, the author and the publisher.





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