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What is a demon? Study my life.
What is a mountain? Set out now.
What is fire? It is for ever.
What is my life? A fall, a call.
What is the deep? Set out now.
What is thunder? Your power dry.
What is the film? It rolls, it tells.
What is the film? Under the Falls.
Where is the theatre? Under the hill.
Where is the demon? Walking the hills.
Where is the victory? On the high tops.
Where is the fire? Far in the deep.
Where is the deep? Study the demon.
Where is the mountain? Set out now.
Study my life and set out now.


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A Little Catechism from the Demon was quoted from the sequence:

Demon, Glasgow: Mariscat Press, 1999, p. 28.

You can read more poems on the Demon since the sequence Demon is still available directly at Mariscat Press, Glasgow, and in any bookshop or online bookshop. Here is the address:

Mariscat Press
10 Bell Place
Edinburgh EH3 5HT


The copyright of the poem recited remains with Edwin Morgan and Mariscat Press; it may not be copied or distributed without the express permission of both, the author and the publisher.





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