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A Wonderful Way to Celebrate: Marinaresca La Mia Favola

The city of Sanremo, Italy, celebrates the centenary of Renzo Laurano's birthday by publishing a wonderful book on the life and work of this city's famous son.

Born as Luigi Asquasciati in 1905, Laurano became a poet, actor, and mundane art critique of the golden times of Sanremo, the capital of the Italian Riviera in the 1920s as well as the favourite resort of the rich and famous.

On his death in 1986, Laurano left his complete archive to his native town, Sanremo.

In Marinaresca La Mia Favola the editors Marco Innocenti, Loretta Marchi, and Stefano Verdino present interesting essays on Laurano's work alongside many fantastic photographs and a number of facsimiles of letters and drawings by Laurano, many of which are published here for the first time.

There is an interesting essay on links between poetry and everyday-life in Laurano's work, his use of language, his participation in getting underway the Sanremo Festival of New Song, as well as letters that passed between Laurano and Eugenio Montale in the second half of the 1930s, to name just a few.

And in case you are wondering what this has got to do with Edwin Morgan's work: The book also includes an excellent essay by Angela Giorgetti on some translations of Laurano's poems; the translators are Lorenzo Vota and Edwin Morgan, the latter having translated four of Laurano's poems back in 1963. – If you wish to read it, you may have to brush up your Italian or at least get your dictionary out, since this excellent book is in Italian.

Marco Innocenti, Loretta Marchi, and Stefano Verdino, eds. Marinaresca La Mia Favola: Renzo Laurano e Sanremo dagli Anni Venti al Club Tenco. Genova: De Ferrari, 2006.

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