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The CD 'Edwin Morgan - His City Speaks To The Poet'

A Public Art Project Celebrating Edwin Morgan, Scotland’s National Poet, on his 85th Birthday, 27th April 2005 in Glasgow

1 Canedolia Valerie Thornton, writer and friend
2 The Treehouse Stephen Bisland, pupil St. Mungo’s Academy
3 Oban Girl Christine Campbell
4 The Apple’s Song Liz Lochhead, Poet Laureate of Glasgow
5 Strawberries David Kinloch, poet and friend
6 In Glasgow Lorenzo Mele, Artistic Director 7:84
7 Desire Judith Bowers
8 The Glass Pat Carberry, former student
9 The Burden Jeremy Raison, Artistic Director Citizens‘ Theatre
10 Loch Ness Monster Song Brian Whittingham, poet
11 The Second Life Margery Palmer McCulloch
12 Madeleine Smith Carmela Vezza, friend
13 Lust Kate E Deeming
14 Fado Mark Smith
15 October Day Joe Murray
16 Cinquevalli Alasdair Gray
17 Pilate at Fortingall Hamish Whyte, publisher
18 The Mirror  David Hayman
19 De Quincey in Glasgow Simon Berry, Scottish PEN
20 Travellers 1 & 2 Thomas Reid, pupils St. Paul’s High School
21 The Poet in the City Alec Pringle
22 The Coin Stewart Conn, Edinburgh’s (Glasgow born) Makar
23 Outward Bound Kimberley Roan, pupil St. Paul’s High School
24 On Jupiter Suzanne Bagnall, pupil St. Paul's High School
25 A Golden Age Alan MacGillivray, ASLS
26 The Fourth World from the streets of Glasgow
27 Hunger Anne Chaurand, musician
28 The Mask J. Austin, A. Wilson, K. Steele, M. Harrigan, M. McGhee, SYT
29 Blind Joanne Duffy, pupil St. Mungo’s Academy
30 The Starlings in George Sq. from the streets of Glasgow
31 Golden Eagle Ross Anderson
32 Salmon Ashleigh Wilson, Scottish Youth Theatre
33 Gannet J. Austin & A. Wilson & K. Steele, SYT
34 Midge Bernard MacLaverty, writer
35 A Gull Rev Hugh Wallace
36 The Brink Pip Hill, Co-Director The Working Party
37 When you go Guy Hollands, Artistic Director TAG
38 Absence (Love and a Life) Tom Allan, former student
39 Trio Claudia e. Kraszkiewicz
40 Surrealism Revisited James Lismore, writer / actor / teacher
41 Into Silence Kahl Henderson, Sound Engineer
42 The Sheaf Faroque Khan
43 Love Katie Bruce
1 At Eighty Charles Bell, Glasgow City Council
2 Spirit of Whisky Asha Kamming, friend
3 In the Beginning Mary Marquis, Broadcaster
4 Copernicus from the streets of Glasgow
5 Spacepoem 3: Off Course Jim Carruth, poet
6 First Men on Mercury J. Austin, A. Wilson, K. Steele, M. Harrigan, M. McGhee, SYT
7 Italy Fiona Duncan
8 One Cigarette Cllr Liz Cameron, The Lord Provost of Glasgow
9 Use of Clouds Sacha Kyle, actress
10 The Poet Douglas Gifford
11 Grey  Steven Boyes
12 Tale of a Hand Isla McTear, East Glasgow Youth Theatre
13 Glasgow 5 March 1971 Brian Monteith, East Glasgow Youth Theatre
14 Glasgow Nov. 1971  from the streets of Glasgow
15 Banks and after Barclay Price, ABSA
16 Linoleum Chocolate from the streets of Glasgow
17 Ice City  Martin Harrigan, Scottish Youth Theatre
18 The Budgie Skye Loneragan, performer
19 The Cat Gerry Cambridge
20 The Giraffe Svend Kamming
21 The Piranhas Daniel Hodgkin
22 A Good Deed Benno Plassmann, Co-Director The Working Party
23 Tatyana Tatyana Jakovskaya
24 King Billy Adam MacNaughton
25 Testament James McGonigal, poet and friend
26 Glasgow Sonnet No. 1 Frank Brown, Managing Director Fairway Forklifts
27 Glasgow Sonnet No. 2 Moira Burgess
28 Glasgow Sonnet No. 10 Andy Arnold, The Arches
29 Morning in Naples from the streets of Glasgow
30 From a City Balcony Donny O’Rourke
31 Death in Duke Street     Alan Riach
32 Drift  from the streets of Glasgow
33 A Little Catechism from the Demon Jill Slicher
34 A Demon in Argyle Street Janice Galloway
35 The Chorus Dave Anderson, actor
36 The Computer’s First Christmas Card Janice Forsyth, broadcaster
37 Ashes Kieran Canning, pupil St. Mungo’s Academy
38 Absence Gerry Loose, poet and friend
39 Fountain Colin Beattie
40 The Release Christine Walker (at 101 years of age)
41 Sunset Alistair Edwards, actor
42 Lamps Anne Donovan, writer

Poems as published by Mariscat Press and / or Carcanet Press in:
Tales from Baron Munchausen (2005), Love and a Life (2003), Cathures (2002), New Selected Poems (2000), Virtual and Other Realities (1997), Hold Hand Among the Atoms (1991), Collected Poems (1990), Grafts / Takes (1983)



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