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Adventures of the Baron


You are personally invited to this most extraordinary, positively thrilling and decidedly daring ALL NEW SHOW!   Our performances have already been received with a GENEROUS and liberal ATTENTION on the part of the public, and THESE are tales that certainly cannot be indifferent to A FRIEND OF THE TRUTH!

See the impossible Brought to Life! Discover and Marvel at the mysteries! Come! Witness, Experience, Taste and Partake of for your Very Own Self these fabulous and fine FEASTS OF... ADVENTURE! ... [more]

Scotland Tour Dates 2005

• 2PM 16th & 11AM 17th September - North Edinburgh Arts Centre, Edinburgh 0131 315 2151 (previews)

• 7PM 12th & 13th October - Panopticon Music Hall, Glasgow 0141 553 0840

• 7.30PM 14th October - GaelForce Festival, Town Hall, St John's Town of Dalry 01644 420 374

• 6.30PM 16th October Eastgate Theatre, Peebles 01721 725 777

• 7.30PM 22nd November Town Hall Theatre, Rutherglen 01555 895 192 (school groups only)

• 2.30PM 24th November - Community Hall, Mailaig 01687 460 039                      

• 7.30PM 25th November - Ardnamurchan Book Festival, Sunart Centre, Strontian 01397 709 228

• 7.30PM 26th November - Village Hall, Ballachulish 0 1855   811 979

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>>> C i t y   o f    M u n c h a u s e n . . .
Welcome to the hometown of the Baron of Munchausen. Bodenwerder was founded in 1245 on an island of the river Weser, very close to the Roman cloister of Kemnade. "Gate to heaven" is... [click here]



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