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Edwin Morgan is "National Poet of Scotland"

EM was appointed "Scots Makar", the first Poet Laureate of Scotland. For the first time Scotland has nominated its own Poet Laureate: On Monday, 16 February 2004 Executive Minister of the Scottish Parliament, Jack McConnell, formally bestowed the title "Scots Makar" on Edwin Morgan. Mr. McConnell said that he was 'the obvious choice' for this post. The ceremony took place in Bearsden, Glasgow, where EM has been living for the past four months.

This three-year appointment does not mean that Edwin Morgan has to write poems exclusively about Scotland, as the title does not carry any formal requirements. However, it does include the representation and promotion of Scottish poetry.
After three years an independent committee will choose the next "Scots Makar" or "National Poet of Scotland".

"Makar" - in case you should wonder - is an old Scottish word for "poet" which is linked to the medieval Scots poets of the 15th and 16th century.

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