Art 'covers' Romanian parliament

A Scots-German photographer has had his work projected 84 metres high onto the Romanian Parliament building.

Several images from Alex Boyd's "Sonnets of Scotland" series were used during the "White night in Bucharest" festival on Saturday.

The Irvine-based artist also created a huge work covering all four sides of the city's University Square. The soundtrack to Mr Boyd's exhibition was provided by five-piece Glasgow band, Mogwai.

Mr Boyd's "Sonnets" series focuses on the Scottish landscape and uses locations such as Skye and Glencoe.

»It is my own tribute to Edwin Morgan.« Alex Boyd

Speaking before the event in Bucharest, he said: "Working on a project like this is very exciting, and has had many challenges, overall though I'm honoured to have my work shown on such a huge scale, and in such an important location." and "I never thought that when I first started as a photographer that I would ever get a chance to be involved in such an ambitious international exhibition like this one."

Mr Boyd graduated with an honours degree from the University of Glasgow in 2007. He has exhibited across Europe and in the USA and has worked closely with composer and concert pianist Mike Garson, who is best known as David Bowie's 33-year collaborator.

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