Baron von Munchausen

Soldier, Storyteller, Seducer...Liar?

The Working Party presents Adventures of The Baron : a flight through the fantastical world of the legendary Baron Munchausen. Infamous for outrageous stories about his adventures, but does the Baron really ride on cannon balls? With tall tales and wily words it seems he will do anything to seduce his audience.

Whirling in an eternal revolution of self reinvention, Munchausen's identity is hijacked. Exploited by penny-picking profiteers, even his very name comes to signify 'liar' and his need to convince and most of all, for belief, becomes a fight for the truth. Mixing erudition with comedy, invective with invention and science with silliness, the Baron charms us with evidence, anecdote and his 'absolutely factual' historical accounts.

Performed by Benno Plassmann (whose Baron's Ball and Travels with the Baron have delighted audiences of all ages in Scotland, Italy, Brazil and Georgia), Adventures of the Baron is based on the latest poems from Scotland's National Poet Edwin Morgan whose Tales of Baron Munchausen were especially commissioned for the creation of this performance. Directed by Martin Danziger (recent Fringe hit Ubu), with lighting design by Sergey Jakovsky (of the renowned Sharmanka Gallery) and produced by The Working Party - a creative catalyst for international artistic and community exchange known for unusual shows in unusual places: Travels with the Baron remote villages in Georgia and Italy May-June 2005; The Baron's Ball Glasgow Panopticon Music Hall March 2005; Memories of Earth Polmadie Waste Recycling Centre 2004; Living Cities lo-cost supermarket Toryglen 2003. Supported by the Goethe Institute, Glasgow City Council and Scottish Arts Council (Drama award of £17,862 on 22/03/05) The Working Party's first touring show in Scotland promises a kaleidoscopic theatrical treat.

Scotland Tour Dates 2005

7PM 12th & 13th October    Panopticon Music Hall, Glasgow   0141 553 0840  

7.30PM   14th October    GaelForce Festival, Town Hall, St John's Town of Dalry 01644 420 374  

6.30PM   16th October    Eastgate Theatre, Peebles   01721 725 777

7.30PM   22nd November    Town Hall Theatre, Rutherglen 01555 895 192   (school groups only)

2.30PM   24th November    Community Hall, Mallaig 01687 460 039

7.30PM   25th November    Ardnamurchan Book Festival, Sunart Centre, Strontian 01397 709 228

7.30PM   26th November    Village Hall, Ballachulish 01855 811 979




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